Do what you have to do... & then write.
At my core, I am a supporter of others and their goals. Writing has been a constant in my life, behind everything else I’ve done, since I was eight years old.

I have heard on more than one occasion the advice: Be the person you needed as a kid. What I needed as a kid was to feel supported and connected to others outside myself. And often, the only way I felt connected with others was through words, whether they were the words of a story or article, or the lyrics of a song. Words made me feel less alone.

& then write isn’t about helping you to get your words published, or to land an agent, or a $100,000 book advance. It’s a space for you to find encouragement, to feel supported in your process, and to find other like-minded creatives.

It’s also a mantra of sorts. As writers, sometimes we are our own biggest hurdle. We need to get out of our own way...

& then write.