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10/1/2018 - Episode 005 - A Writing State of Mind - Listen on iTunes

How do we cultivate a “writing state of mind?”  As life becomes increasingly full, it becomes exponentially more difficult to simply sit down and write.  What’s a writer to do?  Today I welcome Jeremy Hammond to the podcast, and together we shed some light on this topic.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Getting Things Done, by David Allen.


OneNote  /  EveryTask  /   Nirvana   /   Easy Tempus   /   OmniFocus

More info about Jeremy's Coaching Program

Jeremy Hammond author photo

Jeremy R. Hammond is an independent journalist and political analyst, the publisher and editor of Foreign Policy Journal (www.foreignpolicyjournal.com), an author described by Barron’s as “a writer of rare skill”, and a writing coach. His books include Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which famed public intellectual Noam Chomsky has described as “a very impressive piece of work” that is “carefully documented and highly informative”. His writing coaching program is designed to help independent journalists and bloggers communicate their ideas more effectively and make their voices heard. Find him on the web at JeremyRHammond.com.


9/1/2018 - Episode 004 - Origin Stories:  Listen on iTunes

When it comes to super heroes, we eat up their origin stories. But I want to know, where do writers come from?  I realized I didn’t really know the origin stories of most writers I know—where did we begin, when did we know we were writers, who inspired us—and set out to learn more. I wondered if I would find any parallels between their journeys, and my own. 


8/1/2018 - Episode 003 - Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda:  Listen on iTunes

Let's discuss the ways in which we talk around our writing practice, and the language we use in communication with ourselves.

What kind of language have you internalized?


7/1/2018 - Episode 002 - The Tangled Web of Writing Truth:  Listen on iTunes

How much distance is needed between you and your topic & character when either / both are based on real-life events?  When it is healing & when is it too painful to write about personal events?

Guest Irene Yadao and I discuss the challenges of writing about difficult events and people in our lives.  As writers, we often mine our own life for material.  This tends to be true regardless of what form you prefer to write in.  How do you navigate this?  Do you include the good, the bad, and the ugly?  Do you revise history to avoid ruffling feathers?  What are you willing to sacrifice, in terms of relationships, when it comes to sharing your history in such a public way? 


6/1/2018 - Episode 001 - The Fear of Being Seen:  Listen on iTunes

Welcome to the 1st Episode of the & then write podcast. The intention behind & then write is to engage with writers and creatives - to create a space where you feel supported, motivated, and inspired.

Today's episode deals with the Fear of Being Seen, and how we procrastinate and self-sabotage when it comes to this fear.

What happens when we push past that fear? What would you create if you could set aside your Fear of Being Seen? 

I can't wait to hear all about it...